About Bachata DSM


BachataDSM started as a hobby in 2008 and has grown into the top & most comprehensive Bachata dance program in the Des Moines surrounding area! Based out of West Des Moines, Iowa, our creative directors, Brian & Adela, can create choreography for your Quinceañera event, wedding party or work event.


We’re reshaping a world that incorporates dance into the fundamental core of everyday life.

Our household brand provides a unique blend of solutions that gives individuals, relationships & families a variety of options for optimizing health, social, connection, fun & entertainment solutions.


We exist to connect relationships, community & dance into natural way of life

“We believe that people unleash their best selves when able to express their passion & uniqueness confidently & authentically!”

So our collection of offerings is strategically designed to achieve & maintain this balance through dance.


– Workshops, Bootcamps & Courses in a variety of Latin & Afro dance forms including Bachata, Salsa, and AfroDance
– Quinceanera choreography packages
– Work/Team engagement packages
– Wedding party packages
– Private Lessons

Meet the Team

The creative minds behind Bachata DSM!

Brian and Adela Adeniyi-Williams

Adela & Brian Adeniyi-Williams

Bachata DSM Team

Brian & Adela Adeniyi-Williams are recognized for their pioneering work in the Bachata dance community in the Des Moines surrounding area!

They both hail from a rich cultural history of music/dance appreciation and have made a home in West Des Moines, Iowa.

They have danced together for over a decade and between them, they have been blessed with five wonderful children.

As owner and instructor, Adela is a creative genius who prefers a behind the scenes approach. As an instructor, Adela is dedicated to helping ladies express themselves in their natural way without the exaggerated performance fluff many instructors teach today.

As an instructor, Brian’s energetic & charismatic personality, his depth of technical knowledge and clarity of instruction filled with tons of insight, laughs & fun moves!

They are a warm and friendly couple that know how to make people of all shapes, sizes & backgrounds look and few great in the dancefloor.