Bachata DSM is the most comprehensive Bachata dance program in the Des Moines surrounding area! Learn Bachata and Afro dance at different levels, and enjoy special and exclusive dance events throughout the year.

There are no special requirements for outfits or footwear for these classes. Come dressed in something comfortable that you or your kids can move and sweat in!

Listed below are upcoming classes at Bachata DSM. All classes start in January 2020 and will continue monthly for the rest of the year.

Classes will be held at Dance-A-Cross: 1907 Grand Ave #37, West Des Moines, IA 50265.

Text “BachataDSM” to 515-419-8398 to sign up!

List of Classes:


Kidz Workshops


$15 Drop-in
$50 Monthly
$40 per month ongoing Subscription

Classes are held every Tuesday night, 6:15-7:00pm

Your kids will enjoy and learn to dance to the beats & movements of African rhythms! Open to kids ages 5 to 12yrs.

Fostering fun, respect, inclusivity, self-expression while learning exciting African movements to the rhythmic sounds of Afrobeats music.

RECITAL – Last Tuesday of each month (unless stated otherwise) – PARENTS are encouraged to come watch your kids demonstrate what they’ve learned during the workshop in a fun dance showcase just for you!

(Contact us for sibling discounts)

Text 515-419-8398 to sign up!


HardCORE Dance Bootcamp

Level 1

$25 Single Ticket

February 23, 12 noon – 3pm

Learn the dance that’s heating up the dance floors across the world! Here you will learn our CORE secrets & FAST-TRACK 6 months of learning into only 3 hours!

This class is for dancers who are new OR just know side-to-side motion

Let BachataDSM give you the proper Bachata orientation you need to look and feel amazing on the dance floor!


– Our signature BachataDSM360 footwork
– Body isolation & movement – look like a real Bachatero
– Secrets to leading & following – experience true connection
– Intro to Pattern Formation

We look forward to spreading our love of Bachata with you and to also show you why we’re the very best at what we do.

Text 515-419-8398 to sign up!


Sweet Moves Workshops

Level 2

$15 Drop-in
$50 Month of Classes
$40 per month Subscription
$80 Couple Pass

Classes are held every Tuesday night from 7:00-8:00pm

Welcome to A Taste of Bachata! Now strictly LVL 2. More challenging complexity & technique

LVL 2 course – dancers need enough LVL 1 knowledge and/or have passed our beginners program. Most students have a basic side-to-side movement foundation which is simply insufficient for this class. Unsure if you have enough basic knowledge or want to take our beginner’s program, contact us to setup “audition” or “next bootcamp”. Will introduce unique Bachata combination and will piece together footwork, body movement & leading/following technique necessary to properly execute pattern well.

Text 515-419-8398 to sign up!



Check out our monthly special!

Text 515-419-8398 to sign up!